Public Speaker Consultant
Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you
 Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you 
Edward Radburn, English Trainer, playwright and stage director of English Scottish origin created and led his company towards a service of training and teaching of the English language.

His vast experience of more than twenty years has seen him serving professional and academic audiences in both the public and private sector. Edward Radburn has developed his own teaching method, siding with a more original and effective concept: the use of theatre and humour as an essential vector in the apprenticeship of teaching a foreign language, for a lively and practical assimilation.

Through this, he proposes to work on voice, speech, and corporal movement within a provided space, thus giving the public speaker a more audible, fluid and convincing approach.  

Multiple repetition is paramount so that speech becomes more settled and automatic, using the body and senses to deal with any eventuality during any debate. The “actor’s” technique of knowing how to display a confident and strong personality and master it when needed most.
The list of benefits are not exhaustive. 

The six golden rules: 

-know the subject like the back of your hand.  

-If possible, enquire about the public that you are going to address.  

-Do not display a sense of superiority, even if you are feeling confident.  

-Choose suitable clothing for the occasion in which you feel comfortable.  

-Sprinkle your speech with a few humorous elements.  

-Your smile is your trump card. People will become increasingly attentive. 

Memorization and repetition… knowing the subject inside out, builds confidence and self-assurance of being ready. Implementing a scenario produces a benchmark.
Belief in the ability to achieve
Professional support. The tips and tricks revealed…an alert, watchful eye over a captivated audience, all of which reinforces belief and ability.
Respiration and calm
The theatrical technique is proven. It promotes calm and helps to regulate breathing, two essential assets when speaking in public.
Specialist in English public speaking for individuals and professionals.  

Serving companies - universities - schools of business - Coaching - individual training.  

Original methodology: based on corporal expression and theatrical techniques to trigger speech.  

Facilitate memorization by placing learners in an authentic communicative situation. 

In groups or individual - sessions are flexible in hours and numbers.

Work on phrasal expression, intonation and body language. Sessions filmed then debriefed.

This method is available for the benefit of all targets: companies who desire to see their employees more comfortable in their international exchanges.

School and University students already in training and wanting to expand the field of their expertise, thus preparing for a successful career entry into their professional life.

Location: Our theatre in Bordeaux Bastide, at work or in school.

Meet the demand
Facing increasingly exigent companies, the need to speak English in public with ease becomes indisputable.

However, the training time given within the educational institutions is rare, or even non-existent.

The solution to this problem comes via business in-house training. A somewhat…debatable subject.
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